After months of testing, the Central Sinfin Barreda is already in service in the Saja River in Cantabria. The first Hydrotornillo installation connected to the grid in Spain.

An installation that produces 100% renewable energy. The installation has two Hydroscrews in parallel, capable of generating 70 kW (35 kW each) 24 hours a day. The energy produced will be used for sale to the electricity grid and to develop experimental non-domestic self-consumption projects, to serve the Solvay industrial plant.

An existing waterfall with a height of 2 meters was used, which produces a flow of 5 cubic meters per second between the two turbines. These have a fish-friendly design, allowing the fish to descend safely between the rotor blades.

The Sinfin Energy Hydroturn is based on an adaptation of the Archimedean screw for use as a micro-generation hydraulic turbine, capable of enjoy falling waterfalls and produce clean and constant energy 24 hours a day.

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