The world’s second largest mobile phone maker, South Korean Samsung Electronics, has produced the world’s first mobile phone equipped with a solar panel to recharge its battery, local agency Yonhap reported today.

The mobile, called “Blue Earth” (Blue Earth), will be presented at the Mobile World Congress, to be held in Barcelona from the 16th to the 19th of this month. It is the first mobile in the world equipped with a battery which is charged by a solar panel built into the back of the device itself, which generates enough power to make calls.

The mobile is also made with environmentally friendly materials, according to the company, which states that a 10-minute charge in the solar panel is enough to make a three minute call.

The exterior of the phone is made from recycled material from plastic water bottles, which the company says helps reuse resources and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

At the Barcelona Congress, Samsung Electronics will launch a campaign called “The Blue Earth Dream” to promote environmentally friendly mobile phones.

Source: Ecodiario.