Shell Aviation will be SkyNRG’s partner in the first large-scale production plant for aircraft biofuels. The plant will enter service in 2022, but it has already made its first purchase reservations.

Shell Aviation will build with SkyNRG the first sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production plant. The Company, according to the press release issued by SkyNRG, will offer its technical and commercial expertise, also securing options to purchase fuel produced at the plant.

Located in Delfzijl, the Netherlands, the DSL-01 – the name of the project – will enter service in 2022, with a estimated annual production of 100,000 tonnes of sustainable fuel.

The raw material used will mainly be waste from other sectors, such as used cooking oil, mainly from regional industries.

It will be powered by green hydrogen, produced locally in the port of Groningen, when fully operational, it will also supply naphtha and some 15,000 tonnes of bio LPG (liquefied natural gas) per year as sub- product.

The combined benefits of raw materials, hydrogen, and the use of low-emission energy to power the plant will help reduce CO2 emissions linked to the life cycle of the fuel, 85% compared to conventional fuels.

The first fuel buyer will be KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, which has already made a 10-year commitment to purchase 75,000 tonnes of sustainable fuel per year.

Shell Aviation is proud to be part of the DSL-01 project: this first installation is a key step in accelerating sustainable fuel supply in Europe and will help reduce emissions in the aviation sector. When it comes to carbon emissions, the aviation industry needs the collaboration of all stakeholders, support to drive technical innovation and investment, and last but not least, it needs a multiple set of solutions that help you make the fastest transition to zero emissions. At Shell, we have started this journey, recognizing that much remains to be done to avoid, reduce and offset carbon emissions.

Anna Mascolo, Vice-President of Shell Aviation.

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