The focal camera.  The modular open source camera that you can download and mount

The focal camera is a project where you can download, print and create your own fully customizable modular free camera. Their idea is that you can mount different cameras by mixing the modules they have.

The assembly is not as simple as it seems at first glance, since the parts must be made of 3 millimeter wood, painted black and sealed very carefully so that the photographs are not blurred.

The designs of the Focal camera

It has an impressive amount of possibilities, we can mount it from a classic medium format camera with a size viewfinder, to a complex camera with color separation, to the classic “pinhole”.

Models of Focal cameras

These are open source designs, so anyone can enrich the page with their own, helping the community to grow.

Official site: The focal camera

Source: Petapixelxatakafoto