The tent with integrated solar energy

This post is for adventurers. If you like campingI have traveled a lot in my life but never leave aside the contact with nature and you always prefer to take your tent, even with the drawbacks. How about a 21st century tent?

orange solar tent

Orange Solar Tent is a tent capable of emitting a Wi-Fi signal and produce its own solar power to warm you on cold nights, light up the store or have electricity in the middle of the field for whatever you need. Besides generating green energy, it maintains your internet connection.

Solar tent

The companies in charge of this new tent concept are Kaleidoscope and the multinational telecommunications company Orange. In addition, the tent has a great design, covered with a special semi-photovoltaic fabric that directly absorbs the sun’s rays, in addition to incorporating a light-sensitive device that moves with the position of the sun. In this way, it manages to generate enough energy for the small electricity needs when we are in the field.

Solar tent design

The tent was actually designed for the Glastonbury Music Festival, but in practice you can use it to travel anywhere in the world.


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So that you do not lose your store, it has “glo-cation” technology. An app that lets you find your store by sending a text message that triggers a distinctive glow in the store helping you see it from afar.