Solar desalination plant

My grandmother Maria“This is a short film that shows one of the most used ways to recycle seawater. It may not seem like spending so much time for a glass of water, but it’s heartwarming to see how Maria and her grandson do it.

A fabulous story that you can enjoy below:

According to the director of the short film, David Valero, it is a widely used method for survival on the high seas and in countries without access to safe drinking water. With this system, the water evaporates and falls into the glass clean and salt free.

In fact, a few days ago, the news of the two Spaniards who were rescued safely in the Malaysian Sea, surviving by eating flying fish and mollusks, and drinking the water they distilled with it. system, passed through Spain.

The system, in summary, would be as follows:

  1. We put the salt water in a container. In the center, we put another container, a glass for example, where drinking water will be collected.
  2. We cover the outer container with a plastic, sealing it so that it is closed. In this way, we create an artificial atmosphere. We place a small object in the center of the plastic, which will facilitate a small drop.
  3. We leave it in the sun for several hours. The water will evaporate and condense on the plastic, falling into the central glass through the small central drop.

If you want to see how this solar distillation system works, we recommend that you read the article where we explain the technique of KondensKompressor, a solar irrigation system.

In short, we see how the resulting water is used both to water the plants, to make a good coffee or to give the canary to drink.

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