Lemon balm, benefits, uses and medicinal properties

This plant is also called lemon balm, lemon leaf or lemon balm, but its scientific name is Melissa officinalis.

It is a perennial herbaceous plant that belongs to the Lamiaceae family.

He comes from the Mediterranean region and southern Europe, so he is well known to all of us. It has a strong lemon aroma, in addition, it provides a sedative effect on the body, and it is widely used in the perfume industry for its fragrance.

Currently, it is naturalized in the temperate zones of Europe thanks to its culture.

It grows wild in wet meadows, in forest glades, on riverbanks or in cultivated fields and hedges, as well as in soils where organic matter is abundant.

It grows in sandy, well-drained soils that do not require sunlight. Except in hot climates, it loses its leaves in winter and grows back in spring.

Lemon balm is also great for your health, so here we are going to show you the benefits, properties and uses you can give to this fabulous herb.

Properties of Melissa.

This plant, consumed regularly always under the supervision of your doctor, can help to improve certain health problems. It is widely used to reduce anxiety and stress, relax and improve the quality of our sleep.

Lemon balm can help fight nervous problems, so it is commonly used to treat stress, anxiety, nervousness, etc.

Its infusion is one of the best to calm anxiety, because produces a relaxing effect.

It can also help insomnia and sleep problemsbecause it relaxes the nerves and releases the hormones necessary for relaxation.

It has an antispasmodic effect, so it’s great if you want to try gas or digestive tract problems.

It can also help treat sweating problems, flu, allergies and colds.

Due to its healing property, lemon balm is excellent for heal external wounds.

If you are pregnant or think you might be, it is best not to consume lemon balm, as it can cause abortions or breast milk problems.

Benefits of Melissa.

Thanks to its excellent properties, lemon balm is able to treat different ailments of the body:

  • It is excellent for helping to fight nervous states as it is mildly hypnotic and acts as a sedative, especially in some cases of anxiety attacks, irritability, hyperactivity, or any sleep disturbance.
  • It can help relieve migraines.
  • It can help control and regulate blood pressure.
  • It can help reduce neck and lower back pain, and even improve pain associated with menstruation.
  • It can help reduce gas, nausea, digestive issues, and is great for digesting food.
  • It can help treat diarrhea.
  • It can help with respiratory diseases, treat flu and fever.

Uses of Melissa.

Lemon balm or lemon balm is excellent for treating different conditions of our body and for this we leave you an excellent recipe for very simple infusion so that you can enjoy all its benefits:

Put water in a pot and let it boil, add lemon balm and let it boil again for about 1 minute, the more lemon balm you add, the more concentrated the flavor will be. Remove from heat and let stand. Filter with a colander and voila, enjoy this fantastic infusion!

Remember to check with your doctor before using any drug treatment.