Garden sheds are very functional structures that help us maintain order and organization of our gardens, although we can also install them on terraces or patios. That’s why today we come with 10 keys to choosing your garden shed.

In order to establish what these 10 keys are, we need to be clear about you will use this stand. The first objective of a shed in a garden is the storage of machines and tools intended for the maintenance of the garden, as well as fertilizers, fungicides, seeds …

Keys for choosing your garden shed – Size

To establish the size of the house, it is important to consider the specific use that we are going to give to the house. ¿What items will we keep in the hangar? Garden machines, tools, phytosanitary products, a portable barbecue, toys for our children and even an inflatable swimming pool.

But we can also use the house as garage for small vehicles, like bicycles or motorcycles. Likewise, we can have a slightly larger space, if we want to allocate a small craft workshop or as a play space for our children.

Let’s see some recommended extensions, depending on the use:

  • Up to 4m2 – To store the chairs of garden, tools or kennel for animals
  • Up to 10 m2 – If we want to put a bank DIY work, portable barbecue, lawn mower …
  • Up to 16 m2 Garden sofa, table and chairs
  • Up to 40 m2 – Guest room or garage

Keys to choose your garden shed – Number of doors

he Number of doors This is one of the keys to choosing the shed for your garden that not everyone takes into account. If we are going to give the house several uses, as a space for guests, but at the same time as a storage place for many objects, especially when they are large, it is convenient to have two access doors. They will usually be located at the front and back of the house.

Two doors allow simultaneous use of the cabin, without obstructing the passage from one place to another, nor interfering with the activities of children or guests.

The keys to choosing your garden shed – Equipment

he house making equipment it is also an important element in deciding. The most common options are metal, wood or resin. ¿What material to choose then?


Galvanized and baked lacquered steel this is the most common. It is a material that offers low weight, high resistance to impact and corrosion. The strength of the material is such that manufacturers usually offer a warranty of up to 20 years.

In addition, they are low maintenance and clean up is easy, as soap and water are enough to make the house look like new.


The wood can be presented in panels, which facilitates assembly and the possibility of placing the desired number of doors. Likewise, log cabins can easily have windows. The weight is low and although the material is susceptible to attack by pests, which is solved by using pre-treated wood, which makes it resistant to the elements and the attack of fungi or pests.

The wood, finally, offers very attractive tones, which provide a cabin air country.


The resin is very easy to install and does not require any maintenance. It is a material resistant to salt air, solar radiation and bad weather in general. It is a material that only needs cleaning, which is really very easy.

The keys to choosing your garden shed – Safety


Many gardens are located in front of the house, facing the street. In this type of garden, a house must have security enough, because there we will store valuables that may be coveted by criminals.

Keys to choosing your garden shed – Soil

Our stand will have land or be located on the lawn? This is a very important consideration. The huts without land, located on the lawn, for obvious reasons they are prone to moisture and pest attack. If desired, it is better to use building materials such as metal or resin.

Keys to choose your garden shed – Possibility of extension

Although at first we think we will use the garden shed with certain endings, over time, we may have other requirements. For this reason, it is very important to foresee that the materials and the surrounding space, allow the expansion of the structure in the future, in order to allow new uses.

The keys to choosing your garden shed – Decoration

The garden of the house is the place of recreation for family and guests. The decor It is very important and therefore must harmonize with the space and structure of the house. Wood is generally an ideal option in these cases.

The resin and metal they offer us the possibility of using a wide range of colors. Equally important is the interior decoration. Although this is a site intended largely for the storage of machines and tools, there is no reason why it should not become a pleasant space, especially for visitors.

Keys to choosing the shed for your garden – Ventilation

The ventilation of the house is the key, especially according to the purpose. If we don’t have windows, a good option is have two doors, which we can leave open during certain hours of the day. When we store phytosanitary products, ventilation is essential for their conservation, but also to ensure the integrity of the people who visit the stand.

Keys to choose your garden shed – Possibility to uninstall

Wooden modules are an ideal solution if one thinks of the possibility of moving the house, or if we move to another house and want to keep our shed.

Keys for choosing your garden shed – Price


he price. A really difficult subject to deal with. Can we have a low cost, with great benefits? Maybe not. But we can choose to build our own hangar. To do this, it suffices to carefully follow the recommendations in a DIY tutorial.

The keys to choosing your garden shed – Style

Have several garden shed styleswe need to be clear on which one we want for our home. In addition to the materials, the style will determine the type of garden we are going to have. Thus, the style of the garden shed can be:

  • Rustic – With a rural and classic edge
  • Traditional – Made of natural wood but with a recognizable style
  • Contemporary – It can have different materials, a flat roof and, most importantly, a modern and relaxed design.
  • Cabin – Similar to rural chalets

The keys to choosing your garden shed – Anchors

Do you want your garden shed anchored to the ground? It is very common, even in the smallest houses. In most cases, they are fixed to the ground for safety reasons, to prevent the wind from blowing them. And that’s it, danger for that to happen, that’s great. Not only on a material level, but on a personal level, if you end up hitting someone.

To fix the house to the ground, you need to use plates and brackets for fixing, which are securely anchored to the concrete slab with screws. That way he won’t budge.

Keys to choosing your garden shed – Roof

Type dThe roof you should choose for your garden shedIt will depend on the exposure you are going to have and the area where you live. So, here are the types of roofs you have for garden sheds:

  • To a water – If the hut is to be attached to the house or fixed to a wall, you need to put a roof with water.
  • Pinion – In the event that the shed is isolated in the garden and must withstand rain, hail and snow, the option is the gable roof.
  • Apartment – It is the most common and the one that has been used the most in recent years. It is placed in areas with stable climate, so it does not need to bear a lot of weight

You must also select the material from which the roof of your shed will be made. In this case, here are the most common options:

  • Galvanized sheet steel – This is the material used in prefabricated cabins
  • Asphalt sheet – It is placed on waterproof wood panels of OSB type
  • Bituminous tiles – They are very similar to flat tiles and also add to OSB type waterproof panels
  • Bituminous corrugated sheets – They are an imitation of the curved tiles of a lifetime. They can go on a wooden frame, to reduce the weight on the roof.

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