For those of you who are about to start doing some work or reform in your home and want a lasting result, in this article we will give you some details that can be useful in achieving a greener home. So let’s see what they are the keys to lasting reform.

Aspects to be taken into account for a reform of sustainable housing

Building and renovating a house or an apartment is not always an easy task due to the limitations of time, space and money, many people forget to think about the impacts of work on the planet. But it is a mistake to think that making lasting reform is complicated. In fact, we can apply simple attitudes in the name of the environment, so whate we can reduce not only the impact, but also the maintenance costs of the house and also in the long term, energy expenditure at home.

The keys to lasting reform

Before starting to do homework or renovations, and especially when you want to give it a lasting meaning, the first thing to do is to respect those who have come before: that is to say that the house must be in harmony with nature, and not the other way around. One of the pillars of sustainability is economic viability, which should be taken into account when constructing green buildings. Therefore, it is necessary invest in efficient materials (like reforestation forests) and plan the works very well, so that not only can we carry out the reform, but also can reduce the time and cost involved in this kind of project.

Now that we take into account the use of noble materials, we can also apply a series of keys that will allow us to make a lasting reform.

Organize environments according to cardinal points

The the layout of rooms in a house can facilitate the comfort of residents and reduce both the environmental impact like the value of the electric bill. To do this, the project must increase the energy efficiency of the place, taking into account the internal ventilation and lighting, Outraged cardinal points.

In cold climates it is better to have it on the north face the rooms we spend more time in, like bedrooms and living rooms, because sunlight is more likely to enter; In warm regions, however, the northern part can be used but it is the side is most suitable for the construction of bedrooms and living rooms.

South side, garages and pantry are worth building, and the west side is ideal for planting gardens and trees, as well as to build low permanence areas, such as bathrooms and service areas. In addition to the cardinal points, the construction must be adapted to the topography of the land, also preserve the native species of the site, which guarantee the quality of the soil.

This is a key to keep in mind when building a house, but in the case of not having to build it, we can change the parts according to what we have indicated.

Aspects to be taken into account for a reform of sustainable housing

Maintain a sustainable construction site

Establishing a sustainable construction site is not difficult – at this point, it takes more time than money. Therefore, in addition to properly separate the solid waste generated in the structures, a good strategy is to reuse rainwater through simple collection systems, such as small storage reservoirs which direct the resource towards non-potable uses.

A piece of advice that also applies to sustainable reforms is collect as many orders as possible at the building materials store, check the possibility that the products are delivered together: thus, the circulation of vehicles, responsible for a large part of vehicle emissions, is reduced. polluting gases in the world.

Bet on the use of ecological and effective paints and dyes

In addition to relying on light colors to create the environments, an important sustainability strategy is to use special paints. Today the market offers water-based products that provide thermal and acoustic insulation, corrosion protection, resistance to salt spray and even paints that prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi and algae in the environment. Although they are multifunctional, these special materials are odorless and does not cause allergies or irritation.

Reserve as much space as possible for trees and allotment gardens

In renovation as in construction, the option of reserving space for plants will improve the quality of life of residents and will contribute to the environment in general. If you choose to plant trees, the ideal is to bet on native species. But vegetable gardens, which can also be inserted into apartments, should be treated with organic fertilizers, keeping in mind that a sustainable alternative is to consume your own locally grown foods and spices.

Benevolent aspects for a reform of sustainable housing

Bet on energy efficiency

Although the initial investment in energy efficiency is higher than in conventional lighting, the electricity bill is cheaper for those who prefer durable equipment, so it is worth it. replace conventional lamps with LEDs and install presence sensors and lighting controls, like the dimmer (a device that regulates the intensity of the light inside). Other than that when purchasing appliances, make sure they carry the energy efficiency seal, which indicates the energy consumption of these devices.

Trust recycling

Construction waste can have multiple destinations, which avoids inappropriate disposal in nature. Therefore, with great creativity, what was considered waste can even be turned into decorative items for sustainable housing, like concrete blocks converted into an ornamental garden. also have a selective waste collection point in their home and, if possible, create your own composting system.

Bet on solar panels

Finally, we must also talk about the commitment to new energy. If you are thinking of solar energy as a possibility to light your home, you should find out how much solar panels you will need and the initial investment required, Although in the long run, it saves you money on electricity consumption and also helps the environment.

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