Solar generation system

More and more options are emerging for families who wish to “operate” their home while respecting the environment. The American market, in fact, has just seen a new environmentally friendly electric generator ecological and fits in a box: The Kodiak | Solar generation system.

What do its creators promise?

The creators of The Kodiak assure that it is a reliable power generator -of those who rush you out of a classic power failure-, they emphasize its lightness, and insist that rest is not allowed even in cloudy weather.

How it works?

This generator works with up to four solar panels and a lithium battery bank which store the energy generated by the plates. These are the same types of batteries as electric and hybrid cars.

The Kodiak

Something else about his solar panels.

The Kodiak works with the solar panel “Solar Storm 135 GLThe user can configure his generator with up to four solar panels. Each of these panels offers a power of 135 w / h.

As the creators of The Kodiak explain, the solar panels included in the generator would be able to charge the Kodiak’s internal battery system (1100 watts) in a period of between two and 24 hours (depending on the number of plates used. ). . In addition, it can also be recharged by plugging it in for eight hours or using the car charger for about five hours.

With the Kodiak battery fully charged, the Kodiak team ensures that:

  • You can charge up to 100 smartphones in an hour.
  • You can also charge 20 laptops at the same time.
  • Charge the battery of up to 40 iPads in an hour.
  • Turn on a 50 inch LED TV for 16 hours.
  • Run a refrigerator for 30 hours.

Expandable battery system.

In addition, The Kodiak works with an expandable battery system. In other words, its autonomy can be extended by adding up to three external batteries. If the Kodiak’s internal battery has a capacity of 1100 watts, the generator power could provide up to 4100 watts of power by adding the three external batteries.

Although this generator can be used to operate household appliances such as microwave; The Kodiak team has previously warned that it is not compatible with the power required by electric ovens or dryers.

What opinion do you deserve this generator? Project officials estimate that solar panels can have a useful life of up to 25 years. The internal battery, on the other hand, would be 10.

Your success in indiegogo This allowed them to bring the product to the market so that it was accessible to everyone.


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