The 8.4 MW offshore wind turbine is about to be installed in Portugal. It should be operational by the end of 2019.

20 kilometers off Viana do Castello, Portugal, the world’s largest floating wind turbine, an 8.4 megawatt (MW) offshore wind turbine, will be installed. It is the first large-scale floating wind farm in continental Europe. This renewable facility is believed to mark the start of the golden age of wind power, especially offshore wind.

Large, high-efficiency turbines reduce capital costs as well as operation and maintenance costs, making the deployment of the world’s largest floating offshore turbine a milestone in this emerging industry.

As the first large-scale floating wind farm in continental Europe, it is the first of three ABS classified SEMI submersible type units designed by Principle Power to house the MHI Vestas turbines. These three parks will represent a total of 25 MW of floating offshore wind energy.


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ABS has supported innovation in offshore energy since 1958. This historic facility shows how we continue to support the technology of the future over sixty years later.

Christopher J. Wiernicki, President, President and CEO of ABS.

Floating turbines allow us to reach offshore wind resources in waters too deep for conventional turbines. It is progress like this that will make a vital contribution to the global transition to clean energy.

The pace of innovation is the only thing that matters in the long runElon Musk reminds us. This seems to be another notable case of innovation to reduce polluting emissions. And in the meantime, it creates jobs, jobs that are worthwhile and that matter.

The press release goes on to note that the larger full-scale installation is developing from the same principles as the original concept designed by Principle Power, Windfloat 1, which was installed off the coast of Portugal in 2011.

This wind project is carried out by the WindPlus consortium and belongs to EDP Renováveis, ENGIE, Repsol and Principle Power Inc.

Principle Power is pleased to work with ABS, once again, on the WindFloat Atlantic project, building on the successful collaboration of the WindFloat 1 prototype. WindFloat Atlantic represents a milestone for the offshore wind industry. floating because it is the world’s first semi-submersible floating wind farm. We are proud to have led the industry standard setting process from the start, working with ABS, and look forward to bringing WindFloat technology to market worldwide.

Steven Barras, Technical Director of Principle Power.

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