Haliad –X It is a prototype wind turbine designed to make the development of offshore wind energy less expensive. It incorporates intelligent components that optimize operations, making the system as a whole more efficient.

Currently, there is a prototype wind turbine known as the 12-megawatt Haliade-X. It was designed by General Electric renewable energy and it will be installed in Rotterdam in the course of 2019. It will be tested for the next five years.

Designed with a 220 meter rotor capable of producing electricity for 16,000 homes, depending on weather conditions. It has a blade of 107 meters and a 63% capacity factor, higher than industry standard.

The presence of a larger rotor, longer blades and a higher capacity factor allows the Haliade-X to be less sensitive to variations in wind speed, increasing its efficiency and ability to generate power even at low wind speeds.

The manufacture of this offshore wind turbine was carried out in a simplified process and thanks to intelligent components. This fact offers significant savings in installation, maintenance and repair. In this way, it increases profits and facilitates its marketing.

Smart components.

Digital tools are based on Predix platform. It is unique to the marine environment and is designed to help customers perform remote diagnostics and optimize operations.

Before the turbine can operate commercially, it will need to be tested to obtain the type certificate. This regulation verifies the design of the wind turbine and its adaptation to international parameters.

Obtaining the certificate is a key step in the company’s goals of bringing the wind turbine to market in 2021. DNV GL, for example, is a supplier of type certificates for wind turbines. Commercialization is expected to take place within approximately one year of installation of the turbine.

Prospects for the offshore wind market.

Significant growth is expected by 2030. The current installation capacity is 14 GW and will increase to 100 GW within two decades.

The turbine nacelle will be assembled in Saint Nazaire, France. The required investment is 46 million euros. Then an investment of 7.5 million euros will be made in Cherboug, France for all that concerns assembly lines.

This investment will create 550 direct jobs over the next three years. The tower sections will be produced in Seville, Spain. All components will be shipped to Rotterdam for pre-assembly and installation.

Haliade-X will initially be tested in the Port of Rotterdambecause it provides all the conditions necessary for quality testing.


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