The KoalaLifter climbs the same way a Koala does, hugs the turbine tower like a hugging koala, and climbs trees. The KoalaLifter is capable of performing almost any repair such as component replacement (vanes and nacelle components) and turbine assembly. These maintenance and assembly variants can also be functional for the offshore market using a suitable platform.


  • Versatility. KoalaLifter adapts to any type of tower of any height.
  • Big savings. It operates in high winds, is easy to install with an easy flushing system, and is transported without a special permit.
  • Large load capacities. Excavators up to 20 tonnes, nacelle components up to 30 tonnes and turbine assembly up to 150 tonnes.
  • Fast operation. It is estimated that the replacement of the components takes between 5 and 6 hours. Fixing the turbine takes 17 hours.
  • Less environmental impact. Less tree felling and civil engineering work as there is no need to create a clearance area to move the KoalaLifter. It is transported only by truck, where current methods require and use up to 40 trucks.
  • security. System safer than using cables.
  • Workforce. Controlled by a remote control with a range of 300 meters. All you need is a technician in the field, away from the team. Safety is guaranteed.

How does KoalaLifter work?


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One of the most important advantages of KoalaLifter is the great adaptability of the collars. They are able to copy the shape and diameter of the wind turbine tower thanks to their adaptable friction collars. KoalaLifter is able to climb the tower using the force of the tower with winds up to 25m / s reducing wind turbine downtime. This guarantees reliability, robustness and safety during operation.

The climbing process begins with the tightening of the stretch collars of the first section, then the second section, with its open stretch collars, is extended into the basket. When this second section reaches its final stroke, its stretch collars tighten. At this point, the collars of the first section open and the first section is pulled by the second section. This process is repeated until the team reaches the top of the tower to reach the component to be changed.

All equipment fits and is transported on a standard 40 foot skeleton trailer. This concept makes it easier to transport the KoalaLifter around the world to countries where heavy cranes are not available or are very expensive.

It is controlled by a radio frequency remote control. All staff / worker related work is done at ground level.

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