Currently, the most powerful wind turbine in the world is General Electric’s Haliade X with 12 MW of power. The offshore wind industry continues to focus on larger and more powerful wind turbines.

20 MW Jumbo generator

British GreenSpur Wind is one of those companies betting on bigger and more powerful wind turbines. GreenSpur Wind is currently testing a 20 MW power generator model for offshore wind turbines that could be ready to market within 3 years.

This company works with rare permanent magnet (PMG) generators without metals to create these offshore giants. They work with a 250 kW axial flow version that uses ferrite, an iron-rich ceramic material for its magnets.

Module that would be part of a 1 MW unit that can scale up to almost twice the power of the largest PMG currently in service. And it can reach 25 MW by applying this same model!

But today the technology of ferrite magnets works well, it is enough to increase its production and to demonstrate its good functioning … we say that this phase will be ready with 3 years of work!

250 kW generator test video – July 2019.


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