The photovoltaic chair makes its way to Italy with Storage

The innovation in the field of solar energy collection systems does not stop and now it takes a new turn specially designed for those who do not have a roof or a surface large enough to install the photovoltaic panels. classic. For them, it makes its way from Italia Storage, a solar chair that, in addition to serving as a seat, captures and stores enough energy to power an LED / LCD TV, eight energy-saving lamps and a laptop during one o’clock.

To achieve this, this innovation designed by Ri-Ambientando and developed by SIAL, both Italian, incorporates a lithium battery that is connected to small photovoltaic panels placed wherever the chair is located. This, moreover, stands out not only for its solar condition, but also for its futuristic design and for being 100% Italian.

Thus, the aesthetic appeal, functionality and the extension of solar energy to those who do not have a roof on which to install the panels come together in this proposal, which is also versatile. Storage room “It is a product which can be placed on any balcony, terrace or garden and which integrates very well”, says SIAL director Antonio Fischetto, who underlines the flexibility this chair offers so that everyone can save energy through renewable energies.

This project, which joins other very innovative in this field, such as soil photovoltaic Spanish Onyx Solar, or like the solar paper to dress the walls developed by English scientists, is still waiting to make the jump to the production phase. To this end, precisely, the promoters of the idea launched a crowdfunding campaign this allows them to develop their solar chair.

Among the strengths of this innovation, the promoters of new solar product which will be on sale at 590 euros, points out that the energy captured and stored by storage can be used in two ways. The first, with its connection to the domestic electricity network, and the second, with the direct supply of energy to recharge small electronic devices.

The money raised with this campaign will be used to produce this photovoltaic chair, but also to innovate. In fact, its creators are already mixing the news so that the chair also captures the energy of the wind, all of this, they say, “With the desire to achieve a greener future”.


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