Flint portable kitchen

Maybe you didn’t know it, but the oil already used for cooking can be reused again. This portable cooker uses waste vegetable oil as a biofuel for cooking.

Flint4 portable cooker

You want to change the common practice of using firewood or fossil fuels like oil for cooking. This kitchen not only recycles, it also makes cooking safer. The reused oil comes mainly from vegetable sources or animal fats, which are much less flammable, reducing the risk of fire.

Flint3 portable kitchen

These oils do not emit toxic fumes or smoke, making them a healthier option not only for you but also for the planet, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Flint2 portable kitchen

A good invention for the poorest communities.

Flint1 portable kitchen

Designer: Cho Sung Hwan (Unichest).

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