All sectors are forced to adapt to changes, a necessity to which insurers. Insurance houses need to find ways to contract and products that better match customer demands. And people are increasingly demanding more and better services.

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We now have a large number of kits that allow us to temporarily transform our conventional bicycle into an electric bicycle. While most of them involve switching to an electric wheel, Elevate is different – it mounts on the rear disc brake.

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The futuristic electric motorcycle BMW Concept link 2017 is a few months away from becoming a production motorcycle, this will surely be the last time we will see it without mirrors and license plates.

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Russia is an important oil and gas country. It largely depends on the oil market. As the oil industry grows, so does Russia. But, as we’ve seen in some Middle Eastern countries and Norway, being a major oil producer can also open your eyes to the dramatic changes taking place in the world of transportation.

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The BMW iX, previously called iNext as a concept, is important: because after the isolated models of the i3 and iX3, it will represent a new beginning. From its genes, the first family of electric motor models of the brand will emerge. And there will be many.

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