We talked about several collapsible water bottles, all of which are reusable with the advantage that they have. Today, Bulgarian company DiFold believes they have designed an even better version, creating a new bottle based on the ancient art of origami.

Your origami bottle can hold up to 750ml of water as efficiently as any conventional plastic bottle, but after emptying it, it quickly collapses with built-in folds, reducing its size so much that it can be carried in a pocket.

DiFold is committed to sustainability, less disposable water bottles, less plastic in landfills.

Besides reducing waste, another of its advantages is that instead of having to carry this bottle by hand when empty, you can simply fold it up in seconds and put it in a bag, compartment. backpack, jacket pocket, or other places that a full-size bottle just wouldn’t fit.

The key to the origami bottle is no secret, like the paper art that gives it its name, everything is in the folds.

A series of pre-folded pleats that wrap around the body and extend diagonally downward, quickly bend the bottle body from over 8 inches to just over 2 inches.

Interestingly, although the origami bottle folds up easily, it maintains a strong and stable shape when unfolded, holding and maintaining pressure.

To fold it, just apply pressure to the sides; The bottle is designed to remain resistant to vertical pressure applied up or down.

DiFold uses a BPA-free thermoplastic elastomer in the manufacture of the origami bottle. He states that the the material is odorless, tasteless and recyclable. It can be cleaned with a brush and can also be washed in the dishwasher.


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This bottle had a Kickstarter hit of $ 137,000 last week.

Now we can find it on Indiegogo starting at $ 32. DiFold plans to start shipping Indiegogo units in January 2021.

Going forward, DiFold intends to apply its collapsible design to other space-saving and reusable products and packaging styles.

More information and purchases: www.indiegogo.com