Small enough to fit in any bag, yet efficient enough to compete with any coffee maker, it’s COFFEEJACK. A glass-sized coffee maker that incorporates a patented mini hydraulic press inside that is capable of pumping coffee at 9 bar pressure, rivaling any professional grade espresso machine.

COFFEEJACK comes from the Hribarcain family, famous for their excellent work in the EDC department. Now they have decided to reduce the coffee machine to such a small form factor that it will be easy to take it with you everywhere with the rest of your stuff.

COFFEEJACK works with any coffee grinder, allowing you to have your favorite coffee wherever you go, reducing your dependence on those heavily polluting coffee pods.

Just add the coffee grinder to the lower chamber and the built-in presser will level the coffee grounds and press them firmly. Open the pump and pour hot water into the upper chamber and you are done! The coffee maker hand pump matches the high pressure outlet of most coffee makers, giving you such a deliciously thick espresso and even that flavorful layer of creme on top, like what you can get served in a cafe. with a professional machine.

The patent pending hydraulic pump is the heart of the brewer. This system achieves the 9-10 bar pressure necessary for a good coffee. This high-pressure internal pump, along with its ridiculously small size, gives it an edge on all fronts – portable, inexpensive, top-notch like any coffee machine, and far more environmentally friendly than other machines that use capsules. .

COFFEEJACK is made from 100% recycled plastic.


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16 BILLION coffee cups thrown away every year with lids and toxic plastics. COFFEEJACK = No disposable cups, up to 85% savings and the same taste.

Creators: Ashley Hribar-Green and Matthew Aston Cain.

More information: coffeejack