Humanity uses only 0.01% of the solar energy it receives, which can only change if solar panels become more affordable, common and efficient. Every day, more and more solar products are launched on the market to take advantage of this great source of clean energy.

The Photon is, as its name suggests, super compact. When folded, the entire device is roughly the size of your wallet and can easily be stowed in backpacks, purses, or even one of your pockets.

However, when you open it, its 5 solar panels allow you to capture the sun’s energy.

Photon comes with 5 weatherproof panels that capture solar energy regardless of the weather. Designed to capture twice as much solar energy as conventional panels of similar size, the solar panels found in Photon come with highly optimized and highly efficient monocrystalline solar cells that help capture more energy and efficiently convert energy. light into electricity.

All the captured energy is stored in a 4000mAh battery. The batteries come with fast charging and a 3-in-1 multiport cable that allows you to connect any device, be it a smartphone, a pair of headphones, or whatever accessory you can take with you.

Designed for use when you don’t have a power outlet or socket handy, Photon also includes a handy battery-powered flashlight. Everything (including the cable) comes in a nice folding case with a vegetable leather exterior and closed with a magnetic box.


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Creators: Henri Gernaey & Geoffroy Ghion

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