Lightyear One Solar Electric Car

The lack of range of electric vehicles and the dependence on the availability of charging units could be two aspects to be overcome with the next market burst of Lightyear One, a electric car that recharges with the energy it collects from the sun. Indeed, depending on the climatic conditions of each country, this model could circulate without having to charge the battery over 21,000 kilometers, in the case of places such as the Virgin Islands, and up to 17,000 kilometers in Madrid.

This model which, according to its promoters, “Makes what used to be science fiction real”, incorporates solar panels that allow the vehicle to capture the energy it needs to circulate thousands of kilometers. Since the sun is not a permanent source, the model incorporates a battery that ensures driving in cloudy weather and overnight over a distance of between 400 and 800 kilometers, depending on the configuration of the equipment.

Range of the Lightyear One solar electric car

The great autonomy of the battery is obtained thanks to the aerodynamic optimization of this vehicle and the reduction of its weight. Regardless of how much energy Lightyear One draws from the sun, charging can be done at home or at any standard electric charging station. Thus, with one hour of charging, enough energy can be obtained to travel between 40 and 110 kilometers depending on the method chosen.

Lightyear One Electric Car

While details on the aesthetics of the vehicle are still kept under lock and key, it has emerged that the Lightyear One will have capacity for four occupants and this will allow its owners to take advantage of part of the energy captured by the car for domestic use.

As more information about these models is unveiled, their supporters point out that solar cars “They can solve the classic problem of ‘which comes first, the chicken or the egg’, which many countries face so that this type of vehicle can spread across the territory.”. In addition, put into practice the idea of ​​a car capable of moving thanks to the sun “This will make the concept of electric vehicles extremely scalable”, consider.

With these guarantees, the expectations generated are high. However, this model is not yet available in the market, although those who wish to get one can already reserve their unit through the web for one. total cost of 119,000 euros, taxes not included. To make the reservation, it is necessary to advance 10% of the amount (19,000 euros) and wait for the list to end.

For now, those interested and curious will still have to wait for the manufacturing process to advance. The first edition of this pioneering model, which will consist of only 10 units, is expected in 2020, while a year later, 100 Lightyear One is slated for release in the United States and the European Union.


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