In South Korea, there is a solar cycle path for bicycles that protects cyclists from the sun and at the same time generates solar energy. The bicycle path stretches for 32 kilometers between Daejeon and Sejong.

Cyclists enter and exit the track through underground tunnels. Once underway, they are protected by side barriers with three lanes of traffic on each side. While this does not allow for great views of the side of the road, it does provide sun protection and the solar panels provide enough electricity to power the lights along the road, as well as charging stations for electric vehicles. .

This is not the first solar cycle path we see. SolaRoad in the Netherlands cost $ 3.7 million for 70 meters of solar panels on the ground. Runners ride on the panels rather than under them – a design that has plenty of criticism.

Is this the best place for a cycle path?

When the story of the South Korean bike path was published in Reddit, the discussion quickly turned to why there are no similar bike lanes in America. But several comments indicate that driving on the road is not the best option.

Some suggested that the sides of the road would be a better place for a solar track, while others suggested that anywhere but not near all of these cars would be a better option.

It is literally the worst possible bike path locationSaid Engelberto. “Enjoy the deafening noise and breathe in the pollution. The cycle paths are quite inconspicuous in all kinds of uses. They can be built almost anywhere else and be really cool to use“.


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What if we applied this idea to highways? Here we are talking about it, covering the highways with solar panels.