A tower sculpted by and for the wind. A tower that combines architecture, engineering and technology, taking advantage of the opportunities it suggests, both for its construction and for its form.

A project by the Valencian architect Fran Silvestre this may materialize in the coming years.

The plan is drawn by means of three vertical cores of communication joined together in pairs, seeking to resolve the compromise between the desire to be part of the landscape and the desire to catch the wind.

Its layout gives the building good structural behavior. The force of the wind is always countered by a rigid core, while the orientation and shape of the geometry allows it to transform the prevailing winds into energy.

The thousand vertical axis windmills are arranged in the curved zones which join the cores of communication. Wind turbines and panoramic elevators are covered with a perforated metal casing which, permeable to wind and views, gives the structure a monolithic appearance. The construction is carried out in an obvious and simple way, thanks to the speed of the climbing formwork which allows the building to become an icon.

The 170-meter-high structure offers a vertical axis wind system, while the deep pile foundation, typical of high-rise buildings, allows for the incorporation of geothermal energy.

The volume offers extensive contact surfaces with the exterior; where the vertical straight areas are the support of photovoltaic panels, thus benefiting from their constant exposure to solar radiation. On the other hand, the horizontal surface of the podium is used to obtain thermoelectric energy.


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A project that eliminates the landscape impact of wind farms with horizontal axis mills, the impact on fauna, the acoustic impact, increasing the efficiency in the transport of energy, since production and transport are practically in the same area.

After 10 years looking for funding and the right site for this project, according to reports Valence Square, the director Gerrers Net will finance the construction of the Wind Tower on the grounds of the Marina de València.

A project by the Mediterranean architecture studio Fran Silvestre Arquitectos.More information: fransilvestrearquitectos.com