SolarWindow Technologies, a leader in energy-generating transparent coatings for glass windows in buildings and skyscrapers, has announced that flexible photovoltaic glass – as thin as a business card (only 0.1 millimeter d ‘thickness) – is being developed to generate electricity on curved surfaces, flexible enough to bend without breaking or cracking. The company announces that it is the first in the world.

The integration of SolarWindow ™ transparent layers with flexible glass creates new opportunities for curved and flat surfaces of cars or airplanes, for example. The application of SolarWindow ™ combines the flexibility of plastic with the durability, abrasion resistance and ease of maintenance of rigid glass.

Flexible glass could be a revolution for manufacturing windows and other construction products, or for transportation.

SolarWindow ™ is transparent, ultra-light and generates electrical energy applied in thinner layers than human hair. When applied to a 50-story building, SolarWindow ™ is able to pay for itself in just a year and generates 50 times more energy than conventional rooftop photovoltaics, according to calculations by independent consultants. Currently, conventional photovoltaic roofing systems amortize the investment over a period ranging from 5 to 11 years, depending on the specific characteristics of the installation.