The world’s first human composting funeral home will open in spring 2021, after lawmakers in Washington state legalized the posthumous process earlier this year.

Recompose, based in Seattle, will be the first to offer “natural organic reduction“, A process that its owner, Katrina Spade, says naturally converts human remains into organic soil.

The transformation of human remains on earth occurs inside our reusable hexagonal recomposition containers. Once the process is complete, families will be able to bring back some of the soil, while the gardens at the center itself will remind us that all life is interconnected.


The new-age funeral home celebrated the opening of its first headquarters in a 1,720 square meter building last month after lawmakers changed state law regarding after-death services, which makes Washington state the first to allow human composting. Bill SB 5001 “About human remains“Was enacted in May, recognizing the”natural organic reduction“As a legal means. The law will come into force on May 1 of next year.

Estimated price is $ 5,500 per person, the recomposition process costs more than a basic cremation but less than most funerals. This cost includes transportation for Washingtonians, but reconstruction will also be available for people from other states or countries who can arrange transportation.

It is estimated that a ton of CO2 will be saved every time a person is organically reduced rather than conventionally incinerated or buried. Further, Recompose says that “minimize waste, prevent contamination of groundwater by embalming liquid, and avoid CO2 emissions from cremation and fabrication of coffins, headstones and tomb linings“.

In just 30 days, the body becomes “soil that can be used to cultivate new life“Most drugs and antibiotics are naturally broken down by microorganisms.

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