Sustainability not only consumes less, it also does more with the resources we already have.

The sale of used products is a very common practice around the world. But imagine going to a mall and only finding used goods. It would surprise in any country in the world. But in the Swedish town of Eskilstuna, they opted for second-hand products and inaugurated the ReTuna recycling center», The first shopping center in the world that only sells second-hand products.


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They have a special area for storing used items that people donate, which are in good condition or can be restored. After passing through the filter, the products that can be sold directly are distributed among the 14 stores in the mall, those that need repair are repaired.

There are things that have only small flaws and that instead of taking up space in your house or throwing them away, they can send it to us so that we can give it a second life.One of the creators of the project tells us, activists living in Eskilstuna.

In the mall, you can find clothes, accessories, sporting goods, furniture and even building materials. The promoters of this initiative are motivated by the frantic reduction of consumption “because we can reduce the use of new raw materials – which helps to reduce the exploitation of natural resources, reduce energy consumption and reduce costs. carbon dioxide emissions. Sustainability is not just about saving and consuming less, but also about doing more with the resources we have. “

The mall also has a restaurant that sells only organic food.

We have recently seen some rather interesting commercial initiatives, which is the case with us today, but also the first zero-waste supermarket in the world or the first 100% vegan supermarket chain in the world.

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