The world's largest concentrated solar power plant is built in Morocco

In 2020, the solar thermal complex located in the Moroccan city of Uzazat, will be the largest concentrated solar thermal power plant in the world, surpassing the one already built in California. Its dimensions are gigantic, its the size will be equivalent to 600 football stadiums or the capital of Morocco, Rabat. It will occupy an area of ​​30 square kilometers. It will be able to produce 580 MW of electricity, enough for a million homes.

In its first phase, it can generate electricity for three hours at night. In the future, it will provide 20 hours of electricity per day. It will use half a million mirrors spread over 8,000 lines.

Thanks to this project, by 2020, 42% of the electricity consumed by Morocco will be of renewable origin.

Noor 1 is operational. The following plants Noor 2 and Noor 3 are planned for 2017.

Noor1 Morocco

How it works?

Solar thermal does not produce electrical energy directly, it produces heat and then this heat is transformed into electrical energy. Heat is inexpensive to store. Some tanks with molten salts which have a great caloric value. Heat is used to heat water to produce steam. Steam is used to run steam turbines, thereby generating electricity.

The commitment to renewable energies in Morocco is determined and firm. In their future plans, they do not rule out the export of clean energy to Europe.