The world's largest fully operational offshore wind farm

About 20 km off the coast of Kent, England, in the North Sea, the world’s largest offshore wind farm is fully operational. The wind farm of London Array It has 175 Vestas SWT-3.6 MW-120 wind turbines with a rotor diameter of 90 meters and an installed capacity of 630 MW.

Its construction began in July 2009 and ended in December 2012. The first turbine was installed in January 2012 and the last in December of the same year. The first kW of electrical energy is produced and injected into the grid in October 2012.

The largest offshore wind farm in the world

The wind farm produces 630 megawatts of electricity. Wind turbines are scattered over an area of ​​100 square kilometers and are located in an area where the depth of the sea is between 20 and 25 meters.

The electrical energy produced is transported through submarine cables that interconnect the substations. The total length of the submarine power cables is over 430 km, connecting all the turbines and substations.

The world's largest offshore wind farm1

The wind turbines are interconnected via 210 kilometers of submarine cables. The two offshore substations are connected to the onshore Cleve Hill substation via 4 150 kV cables for a total of 220 km.

Each Vestas SWT-3.6 MW wind turbine is 147 meters high and weighs approximately 225 tons, the blades are 58.5 meters long.