Hawaii already has the world’s largest photovoltaic battery system. This installation will help decarbonise your electricity. A new step on the path initiated by the State in its efforts to preserve the environment and fight against climate change.

On January 8, 2019, the world’s largest photovoltaic battery system was inaugurated. Without a doubt, a new achievement for the development of renewable energies. This achievement will from the electricity producer AES Corporation.

The association is also part of the project Kaua’i Island Utility Co-op (KIUC). The structure is named Lāwa’i Energy and Energy Storage Project.

The new factory is located on the island of Kauai. It will help residents in their goal of decarbonizing their electricity.

One more step in the initiative of the State which begins, lowered the cost of procurement electric, which makes it cheaper than fossil fuels.

Lāwa’i project.

It’s actually the numbers that make this system unique at the moment. It has a 28 MW solar park. The batteries used by the system are 20 MW / 100 MWh lithium-ion batteries. A capability that surpasses any other similar system in the world.

It is a project with 5 hours of autonomy at maximum load, recharging the batteries simultaneously.

Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables assures that, fortunately, storage capacity is greater than any other PV battery system.

The new plant solves one of the major problems of autonomous photovoltaic energy. After all, decreases the need to use fossil fuels to guarantee the satisfaction of demand in the network.

What do we expect from the Lāwa’i project?

At the inauguration ceremony, KIUC President and CEO David Bissell said:

“Now that the Lāwa’i project is active, stored solar energy will provide up to 40% of our peak nighttime electricity“.

“I am convinced that this is a unique result nationally and perhaps also in the world.”

This project once fully integrated, will replace around 14 million liters of diesel per year. The price will be reduced by a third. In fact, KIUC will buy the electricity for 11 cents per kilowatt hour.

On the other hand, this price will be guaranteed by a 25-year contract. The factory, as promised by AES Corporation, It will be able to meet 11% of Kauai’s energy needs.

It is a great achievement, because in this way the island will consume more than 50% of renewable sources.

Pictures: KauaiCoop