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A Spanish company claims to have developed a solar panel capable of producing power day and night, without batteries.

How it works.

These panels use thermoelectric materials to generate energy from the temperature differences. During the day, they benefit from the sun and during the night, from the universe, by radiative cooling. This process provides a greater amount of energy during the day, so the use of a thermal reservoir compensates for both phases, providing very stable production.

No batteries.

The batteries are expensive, polluting and have a short lifespan, 5 years against 20 for panels. These panels do not use batteries, thus avoiding their cost, which represents a substantial saving throughout the life cycle of the device, over 60%!

The idea.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis project was inspired by the investigations of the physicist at Stanford University Shanhui Fan. This work focused on infrared emission from Earth to the Universe, which allows the planet to cool down by radiation.


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The company is working on its commercial product, with the idea that it can be adapted to stand-alone systems that currently require batteries and solar panels.

The system is designed to replace photovoltaic panels and batteries, with significant savings.

Hopefully this project is successful and we can see a viable commercial product.

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