While we’re already used to it, there is a world beyond the typical solar panels we are all used to, whether it’s producing photovoltaic-type electricity or thermal-type water heating. Today we are talking about Thermoslate natural slate thermal panels, the only slate solar thermal collector with which you can have free heating or hot water, natural energy for your home.

The natural slate is a material that has always stood out for its great insulating and aesthetic qualities. Widely used on the rooftops of northern Spain, today the Galician multinational Cupa Pizarras brings this material to the 21st century with the development of Thermoslate. Thermal panels in natural slate that allow us to transform the sun into energy for heating, hot water and / or pool heating.

According to the manufacturer’s technical specifications, install Thermoslate assumes an energy saving of between 70 and 80%, with rapid amortization, depending on the characteristics of the installation. It can generate up to 2/3 of your home’s annual hot water needs.

The system essentially consists of integrating a panel on the slate roof, with a thermal transmission system by means of a conductive element, plate and fluid pipe, with the following parts: thermal insulation integrated into the roof, heating fluid pipe , heat exchange aluminum plate, slate powder with epoxy resin as adhesive, piece of natural slate on the panel.

Benefits of Thermoslate Natural Slate.

Among the advantages of natural slate as an ecological building material used for cladding roofs and facades, we can find:

  • A system that blends in perfectly with the architecture, making it virtually imperceptible both on the roof and on the facade.
  • It is compatible with any energy storage and distribution system you have already installed or want to install in your home.
  • Its color (black) makes it a more efficient system, better absorbing heat.
  • A natural, durable and ecological material. The system has a durability of 25 to 30 years.
  • Natural slate stands out in the industry for its fantastic waterproofing, strength, durability, versatility or thermal inertia characteristics.
  • Additional insulation for the roof or facade.
  • Its installation improves the energy efficiency of your home.
  • No problem with overheating thanks to the properties of the slate itself.
  • This system reduces maintenance costs compared to other systems.
  • Slate has less impact on the environment than other materials used for the same purpose.
  • Operate continuously throughout the year.
  • Adaptable to the energy needs of your home depending on the geographical area and / or the type of roof.
  • Meets CTE requirements in all climatic zones.

Installation of thermal solar panels in Thermoslate natural slate.

For your installation, Thermoslate It has three different systems depending on where they are to be installed: with nail (designed for roofs with a uniform slate format), with hook (designed for older slate roofs where the parts are not uniform) and raised floor (designed to be installed on flat surfaces, eg facades).

Whatever the installation system, everything has in common its ease and speed of assembly. In this video you can see an example of hook mounting.


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