Windflock system to generate renewable energy

The German company EMAMIDESIGN has developed an innovative way of harnessing the force of the wind. Its compact wind turbines combine to make the Windflock a system capable of providing renewable energy to both small buildings and large constructions, its flexibility is its great value.

Windflock system to generate wind energy

The three-dimensional system can be modified to suit the different shapes and volumes required by users. Assembly is described as as easy as assembling a LEGO, making it very accessible to buyers for different levels of use and for different energy needs.

Windflock system to generate green energy

Windflock wind turbine

Its flexibility in the assembly of structures makes it ideal to adapt to any construction. And the final image is awe-inspiring, similar to the synchronized formation flight of birds in the sky.

3D layout of the Windflock system

The best of the system WindflockIn addition to its cutting edge design, it is its success in producing more affordable green energy. Hopefully, this system can soon take off and become a symbol of renewable energy.

Windflock system to generate clean energy