ecological and removable heating for rural houses

The project aims to provide a alternative so that rural populations with limited resources can replace conventional energy for safer, cheaper and less polluting systems.

An ecological and removable heater for rural houses, designed with concrete blocks and stagnant water pipes, and powered by energy captured by the sunis the idea that researchers at the University of La Plata give shape.

Built with affordable materials and based on the use of clean energy, this heater will improve the air conditioning of rural houses, but also other spaces, such as those authorized to raise chickens or pigs, in which it has been detected. that many Argentinian families, where this initiative originated, use inefficient and therefore highly polluting systems. In addition, this type of method represents a difficult expense for these populations.

As an alternative, the researchers proposed a solar air conditioning system made of concrete blocks or concrete and stagnant water pipes with high thermal capacity. The device is designed to be located in areas of the house where the sun penetrates, for example next to advantages, where absorb radiation to convert it into thermal energy. With this, it is possible to maintain the air conditioning of the space, without having to resort to fossil fuels.

How it works.

According to the project director, Graciela Vargas, system blocks allow heat to build up while, for his part, water multiplies load capacity up to four, with which the results are obtained immediately.

The system, which has ensured that it is easy to assemble and disassemble in case you want to take advantage of the technology for different spaces, is also made of materials that are easy to obtain and relatively inexpensive, making it viable for families. low on resources which, moreover, will have less polluting equipment and will face fewer risks to their health resulting from inefficient air conditioning.


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