We all have things in our homes that have been broken for a long time or may not work because we just haven’t stopped to think about whether they can be easily fixed. This is the case, for example, with the TV remote control. Did you check if you just needed a battery change? or the things that can be fixed or fixed in less than 10 minutes and which we will tell you about next.

Things that can be fixed or fixed in less than 10 minutes

It’s just a matter of repair us, and get to work to finally fix these little things, and others that are more important, with the tips we offer below.

Broken or perforated tile

Do you have broken or cracked tiles in your bathroom or kitchen? It’s really disappointing to have to find a replacement that won’t even sell anymore. So how can it be fixed? All you gotta do is break an eggshell into several pieces and insert them into the hole or break. So cover well with transparent glue. You cover well and apply a few coats of glue, let dry, sand a little, then you cover everything with nail polish which is the same or similar color to the tile. Ready!. You will have repaired the tile and although it is not like new, we assure you that it will not be noticed that it is broken.

Scratches on furniture

Wooden furniture usually ends with all kinds of scratches. You can buy a specific product, but you will have to spend money and invest a lot of time. A quick fix can be pass a nut (As you hear!), Above the scratches, or also a solution of olive oil mixed with ground coffee. You’ll see how the scratch instantly disappears, although we have to warn that these tips will only work with shallow scratches.

Ripped summer flip flops

The flip flops we all wear in the summer, the ones that have a band between the big toe and the rest, can be broken with a simple trip. If this is what happened to you and you can no longer use it, you will only need take a hair tie and place it at the end of the band by turning in a cross. Stretch the rubber and pass it through the hole in the sole, tie a knot and adjust it below, you will see how to put the seesaw back on without problem.

Things that can be fixed get fixed in less than 10 minutes

Eyeglass temple hinge

If you’ve lost the screw that holds the temple or leg of the glasses, it may have come off completely. To be able to carry out an emergency repair, and in less than ten minutes, it will suffice match the hole in the temple, with the hole next to the lens and pass through them, the tip of a toothpick. Then you break the toothpick and you can continue wearing the glasses until you can get them to the optician to get a new screw.


If you are going to put on your favorite belt and suddenly find that the buckle has broken or come off, you can solve the problem by passing a flange, close it, insert the part that remains closed into the belt and then you can use the strap as a buckle.

Wool sweater that skips a stitch

A wool sweater is still one of the best clothes one can wear in winter, but there is also the risk of getting stuck and missing a stitch. To solve this problem and avoid skipping more points, All you have to do is take a bobby pin, pass it through the loose stitch and then insert it into one of the holes between the stitches in the sweater.. You take the fork out at another time and that’s it!

Loose lace tip

The laces of sneakers usually have the toe closed with a plastic that comes off or breaks easily. If this happens to you, fixing your laces is very easy. All you need is cover this tip with duct tape and then you pass a lighter. Your laces will be like new.

Things that can be fixed or fixed in less than 10 minutes

Zipper that does not go up

The zipper on your jacket or jeans can get stuck every time you try to pull it up. Make sure that it does not catch on clothing or a loose thread, and if not, You can fix it by passing a little lip cream or lip cocoa through the zipper and you will see how it goes up and down without a problem.

Bleach stains on jeans

If you’ve been unlucky enough to put some bleach on your jeans, don’t worry because it has a simple fix. You just gotta take a black or navy blue marker (It will depend on the intensity of the color of the denim) and you run it over the stain. You will see how it is fully covered and perfectly concealed.

Earring closure

If you have earrings where the closure is a small independent piece with a hole that you have to go through the piece of earring that you put in your ear hole and you have lost this piece, do not do not worry. Cut out a piece of eraser from any pencil that has a small eraser at the tip. Drill a hole in the middle and you’re done!

Single battery remote control

We end as we started, that is, talking about the TV remote control or any device you have at home that has run out of batteries. In the event that you need two batteries but only have one, there is a surprising solution to get your controller to work again. It consists of taking a paper clip, you open it and bend it at the ends so that it fits the two contact tabs of the recess where the battery needs to go. You will see how again, it works again.

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