The Drumi pedal washer saves water

A pedal-operated washing machine is a dream come true for many people who live in remote areas or just want to save energy. Drumi, that’s what they named this washing machine, recalls the GiraDora, a prototype pedal washing machine that never hit the market. But now, the Drumi is for sale.

In the video you can see how well it works. Simple and efficient:


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Drumi is designed for campers, students, or anyone else who prefers to use their feet to wash clothes without using electricity. Just over half a meter tall, Drumi you can wash up to 6 or 7 items (approximately 2 kg of laundry) at a time, but only one pair of jeans. If you’ve ever hand washed a pair of jeans, this detail will make perfect sense. Ideal for delicate clothes or baby clothes, Drumi only uses 5 liters of water to wash a full load of clothes.


To use it, you just need to load the clothes into the drum, put the detergent into the hopper and then add the water. You step on the pedal for five minutes, which turns the drum side to side, and then press the button to drain the water. You add more water to rinse, step on the pedal a little more and drain. According to Yirego, a Toronto-based design company, the washing machine uses 80% less water than a conventional washing machine.

Drumi pedal washing machine

Drumi is available for reservations here.