It is the most powerful turbine on the market. At best, it could produce 216,000 kWh in a single day, the electricity a home needs for 66 years.

The extraordinary power of the Vestas V164 turbine is set to revolutionize the world of wind energy. It is located in Østerild, a very prosperous offshore area in Denmark. Its activation took place in January 2014.

Your size is huge, it is over 200m high, its blades are 80m, weighing around 40 tons.

On December 1, the new V164 turbine broke the energy production record, generating 216,000 kWh in just 1 day. This giant would only need a day of operation to power a home for almost 70 years. Since the average consumption is around 3,200 kWh per year in Spain.

The problem with the V164 is its costs, installation and development are still too high. The fastening system for such a large structure at sea is very high. Larger floating capacity platforms are under study but are still under development.


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