Bed bugs are a very annoying type of pest that is much more common than you might think. While this is usually associated with being in hotels, the reality is that at home you can also have bed bugs that are a part of your home, even without realizing it. Let’s see how to get rid of bed bugs and rest in peace.

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First steps to eliminating bed bugs

The first thing you need to do is make sure that they are bed bugs and that they are not some other type of pest. You will notice this because they are very small and white and usually meet at the corners of mattresses.

General tips for treating bedbugs

One of the things you need to be extra careful with with bed bugs is that they move from place to place without you realizing it. Therefore, when a source of infection is detected, it is best to treat it as soon as possible.

In these cases, you can, for example, wash the infected room with very hot water and place any infected items in plastic bags such as sheets or pillows before taking them to the washing machine, otherwise it could affect the rest of the clothes you find there.

After everything has been washed, it is best to leave anything that is infected to air dry.

Have the messy house it does not help at all in the treatment of bedbugs. If you manage to maintain a general order in any case, you will prevent bed bugs from carrying holes from side to side.

Heat is always the best ally for kill bed bugs appearing on the bed. Although many of them remove the mattress in the sun, which may be a solution, the reality is that higher temperatures are required to achieve the goal.

Also note that if you decide to completely remove the mattress or bed with bedbugs you have to destroy it, otherwise they will spread from side to side.

Vacuuming the mattress is a great way to remove them. You just have to take into account in these cases that you will have to change the vacuum cleaner bag because it can stop there and the contagion reappears.

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Of course, in cases when bedbugs appear more strongly, it is better to consult a professional so that they can completely eliminate the pest and do not reappear.

Don’t think that having bedbugs is for lack of cleanliness, but it is a plague that appears, where in many cases there is no notion of what is the real reason for its occurrence. Being careful every time you visit a hotel and checking mattresses and furniture frequently is a very effective preventive measure.