Comes the summer, the fruit arrives, the good weather arrives, but also the XXL size bedbugs. If this summer, for the first time in your life, you want a quiet time, this is your message. We will show you Top 10 Homemade Mosquito and Fly Traps.

Homemade mosquito traps and dead flies

Efficient, effective and inexpensive, they will allow you to take a nap for three hours without a fly waking you up. You can be in a bathing suit at home without worrying about having blood drawn from your whole body. In short, you will have the best summer of your life. All thanks to Top 10 Homemade Mosquito and Fly Traps

Top 10 Homemade Mosquito and Fly Traps

Surely most of Top 10 Homemade Mosquito and Fly Traps you can do them now. That is, you won’t need to search for special materials or spend a dollar. It’s also easy to kill the bugs, but of course not everyone knows that. Now you do. You have the secret to a perfect summer and it’s up to you to decide who you share it with. All power bears great responsibility.

Homemade mosquito and electric fly traps

Bottle trap

To create the trap bottle you need water, sugar and yeast. Also, you need to cut a two liter plastic bottle half. Be sure to use both parts. Heat the water and mix it with the sugar at the bottom of the bottle. Let cool for 15 minutes and add the yeast. Let it sit and you will see how the carbon dioxide will appear. Cap the bottle with a garbage bag and put the upper part, upside down, inside the lower part. Like a funnel. In a few days you will have a breeding ground for dead mosquitoes and flies inside. Disgusting but effective.

Attractive manure

Capture two plastic bottles and, again, cover them with a black trash bag. Put a small portion of manure in the background, to attract flies. When they enter, it will be impossible for them to leave and they will die in a few hours. You should empty the container every now and then, as it will fill you up with flies.

Leaking bottle

Take one half liter plastic bottle and paint the base black. Then do it five holes, large enough for flies and mosquitoes to enter. Cut another bottle in half like a tube and place it on top of the previous bottle. Put manure on the base to attract the creatures and hang it outside the house. Enjoy a summer without insects.

Bunch of homemade mosquito and fly traps


Although it sounds like a joke, flies can’t stand some smells that humans love. This is the case of mint and the pepper mint. Therefore, if you place a few bouquets of either one on the doors and windows of your house, you will scare them off. The reason will be the bad smell of mint and spearmint. Yes, flies are strange animals.

One lemon and half a lemon

As simple as take a lemon and prick it with five mikados. Place them on doors and windows and hallucinate with the silence of the house. Not a fly. Not a mosquito. They can’t stand the smell of lemon and with the help of mikados the scent will stay in the environment longer. If you put them on a pretty container, they won’t get as much attention and you can tell it’s decorative. It won’t be forcing, but it would be better than leaving them on a plate, right?

Homemade mosquito traps and dead flies

The banana of death

Put a piece of banana in half liter bottle and place a funnel in its mouth. The strong smell of the banana will attract flies inside but they will not be able to get out. And yes it’s disgusting but it’s still cash and it will rid you of flies for several days. Change the banana when it rots.

Adhesive paper

There is nothing good about decoration. Plus, it’s rough to the touch, but it’s a method that has been used for centuries. There must be a reason. You just have to grab one Invoice and spread it with two tablespoons of linseed oil, two more from honey and eight tablespoons of resin. Spread it out and place it near doors and windows. The flies will stick and leave you alone.

Homemade mosquito traps and fly swatches

Spices that cheat

Another scent that flies cannot stand: coriander. As easy as putting several containers of water with cilantro scattered around the house and watch the flies run away like the plague. Well, they almost always go plague.

Where there is smoke, there are no flies

And continuing with the smells, the flies are mostly sensitive to smoke. Obviously, you won’t start a fire in the living room. You just have to wear one incense stick. Not only will it leave a delicious smell in the house, but the hummus will keep flies at bay for hours. Another smell that flies can’t stand is garlic, but in this case it’s harder to fill the house with something that doesn’t make us very funny either.

Homemade incense traps for mosquitoes and flies

Water bags

And finally, a classic of the classics: hanging water bags. One of the most strangely effective methods. According to some experts and many brothers-in-law, the panoramic sight of the insects makes these bags scare them when they see their reflection in giant size. Another version a little less risky than water are the Famous CDs, but of course you have to find them because they are in danger of extinction.

Homemade Mosquito and Fly Tape Traps

We have already told you that these home remedies are unorthodox but we assure you that they are effective. Scientific basis? No. Experience? All. You just need to take the tests in the order you want and see the results.

At the end of the day, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Obviously, start with the least rude and check that Top 10 Homemade Fly and Mosquito Traps they work very well. And remember, with all power comes great responsibility.

Other home remedies to get rid of flies and mosquitoes at home

What Top 10 Homemade Fly and Mosquito Traps have you failed? Well we give you other home remedies to get rid of flies and mosquitoes at home. In the end, everyone has their tips and some have more difficulty than others in finding theirs.

Homemade mosquito and fly traps

However, we would like at least two of these home remedies to get rid of flies and mosquitoes at home. The reason is that combine two different repellant options, always works better than leaving everything to one. Thus, we can put one in the living room and another in the bedrooms. For example.

Apple vinegar

is home remedy to kill flies and mosquitoes It’s so simple that with a bit of luck you don’t even have to buy the Apple vinegar, main ingredient of this remedy. A condiment widely recognized to be a fabulous repellent against flies. Of course, the smell it gives off makes it difficult to use in closed and confined spaces.

Homemade mosquito traps and vinegars

As easy as taking one plastic bottle and remove the top area. Then put four fingers of apple cider vinegar inside and introduce the cut part of the bottle upside down, leaving the container with funnel shape. You need to place the container in an area where there are regular flies and you will see that they go sour in no time. If that doesn’t work, see jelly bean or a banana, to enhance the sweet smell.


If he Vodka It’s one of the drinks that hurts the most, imagine what it will do with a fly. Well, or what will not be because flies can’t stand the smell to this alcoholic drink of Russian origin. Now, if you are going to use vodka to keep flies away, know that you will smell alcohol all day. Many.

Homemade Mosquito Traps and Fly Vodka

As we mentioned, flies cannot stand the smell of vodka, so the solution to keep them from getting close is to apply vodka to our body. We will do it like a perfume, on the wrists and ankles, counting that the heat released will cause alcohol to rise throughout the body, driving away flies. It’s risky and a little uncomfortable to smell vodka all day long, but in return, you won’t have annoying flies.

Aromatic plants

If the vodka option does not convince you, we have a much less aggressive alternative but also based on odors. In this case, that’s fine. The truth is that many oils, essences and aromatic plants are natural repellents flies and mosquitoes, but not everyone knows that. Lemongrass, basil, balm, eucalyptus, Rosemary, mint or lavender are a few examples.

Homemade mosquito and fly traps

In this case, there are many options. If you have a garden or a space, you can try planting some and you will have smell and repellant around the clock. If this is not possible, the alternative is natural air fresheners where there is more concentration of insects. Much more elegant than vodka and, on top of that, you don’t pour it directly on yourself.

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