Top 5 Best Selling Solar Chargers For Gadgets

Solar chargers are a solution to recharge our gadgets with clean energy when we do not have access to the electricity grid. They are designed for these situations but I use it on a daily basis, you just need to place it in a sunny window to accumulate energy, for example to recharge your mobile. Ideal for your nature trips, in most cases you can easily dock it on the back of your backpack.

It is important to take into account whether or not they include a battery. Reading buyers’ reviews and questions is essential to see if the charger meets your needs.

We collect the best selling solar chargers on Amazon:

1. Poweradd Apollo 2 solar charger.

Poweradd Apollo 2 solar charger

Upgraded version, 12000mAh solar charger. It is a compact charger, it can deliver 4.5 charges to an iPhone 6s, or 3 charges to a Samsung Galaxy S5, or even a charge and a half to an iPad Mini.

You can use it on rainy days. Dustproof, the external battery stays clean and its daily maintenance is easy. Shockproof, the charger is covered with a plastic protector, the battery will not break if dropped.

2. OLEBR solar charger.

OLEBR solar charger

Large capacity: 24000mAh battery charger. Provides a large battery charge for use during outdoor activities such as camping or hiking. The battery can charge iPhone 6 around 8 times, Samsung S6 around 6 times, and iPadAir around 2 times on a full charge.

Fast External Battery Charging: 3 charging ports that provide 2A high speed charging and can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously. The power charger is fully compatible with iOS and Android devices.

2 bright LED lights for camping or using in the dark, especially when other sources are not available. Suitable for use when repairing something in the dark.

8% conversion, only suitable for emergency use when solar power outside. Fully charge the charger when you go out.

Over-current, over-charge and short-circuit protection to keep your device safe. Automatic shutdown when the phone is charged. This helps to protect against overheating and overload situations.

3. 1byone solar charger.1byone solar charger

High Conversion Efficiency: The high efficiency of 24 watt solar panels generates a power conversion rate of up to 22% – 23.5%; providing enough power to charge 2 devices at the same time.

Fast Charging Technology: Built with a smart chip that identifies the device to be charged and attempts to maximize its charging speed up to 2.4A maximum per port and 3.3A at the same time.

HIGHLY PORTABLE: This charger has a light weight of around 572g / m2 and a slim foldable design (25cm X 16cm) as well as its fabric rings in the corners, allowing easy attachment to backpacks, trees or to tents. Its portability makes it a good option for enjoying the outdoors.

Charging Protector: It has precise protector, so that your device will be free from overload or short circuit, always guaranteeing good and safe charging.

Intelligent control: The built-in smart chip has a unique software-controlled auto-start function. For example, on a cloudy day, it stops charging to avoid possible damage to the device and when the sun appears, it automatically continues its charging function thanks to the software.

Four. BERNET solar charger.

BERNET solar charger

2.1A input: The solar external portable charger can be recharged with both Lightning cable and micro USB cable. It only takes 10-11 hours to get a full charge with a 2.0-2.4A adapter.

Charge 3 Devices Simultaneously: Quickly powers 3 devices with an impressive 5.5 A, or current to suit individual charging needs with an output of 2.4 A, for optimized efficiency.

Amazing 24000mAh Charging Amount: Used to charge iPhone 6 almost 9 times or Galaxy S6 around 7 times, or iPad Air around 3 times.

Charge the Laptop Battery with Clean, Natural Energy: Built with the most efficient solar panels, this solar power bank could absorb solar energy to recharge the battery itself. It is recommended to use solar charging only in an emergency.

Package includes: BERNET 24000mAh portable emergency power bank, USB fan, micro USB cable, welcome guide. Li-ion A + battery, more than 500 charges in its useful life. It will automatically turn off if it detects a short circuit, over current or overload. 18 month warranty and customer service.

5. BSAMZ solar charger.

BSAMZ solar charger

The rifled gears around the solar charger are stylish and non-slip. Sleek, compact and lightweight design that fits perfectly in any bag, easy to carry anywhere. The large capacity battery (15000mAh), compatible with most digital electronic devices.

The LED flashlight works great in the dark. Double tap the LED will light up and tap once more the LED will flash. You can send the distress signal via this SOS function in case of loss.

The solar power bank can be smart and compatible with most digital electronic devices. Its dual USB port can charge 2 computers at the same time so that you can save your time and effort.

This solar panel charger has multiple safety protection mechanisms, all aspects of protecting the equipment to prevent damage. This function can guarantee the absolute use of security.

Solar energy technology, eco-friendly and can be recharged under the sun for emergency purposes, smart choice for camping, hiking, backpacking, business travel and other outdoor activities.