The kitchen countertop is one of the surfaces we use the most and suffers the most in our home. That is why we, consumers, look for products that meet our demands.

We often focus on the material. But the best material is of little use if the execution is poor. For this reason, many of us look for bench manufacturers or brands that fulfill all guarantees and that are synonymous with a job well done.

For this, we have created a list of countertop manufacturers classified by material.


Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops have been the most sought after reference material in the last few years, even in the last decade. They offer great resistance to impact and abrasion and a wide range of designs. However, they can also be affected by high temperatures and their colors can be deteriorated by solar radiation.

Silestone. This is a well-known brand of countertops and other surfaces. It is owned by the company Cosentino. They are undoubtedly the benchmark in the sector. Its position is so dominant that many people looking for a quartz countertop ask for it as “a silestone”, even if they are not particularly interested in this particular brand.

Compac. Another well-known manufacturer. Its products also have proven quality. In addition to quartz surfaces, it also offers granites.

Porcelain Countertops

Material innovation has also reached the kitchen and countertops world. This material offers a resistance never seen before in this area. We can even forget the disadvantages of quartz countertops. On the other hand, it is necessary to know that it is a product with a high price.

This material is very versatile and is not just for making countertops. It is used in bathrooms, floors, wall cladding and even facades.

Neolith. It is a Spanish brand with a presence in several dozen countries. Although the design catalog is not as extensive (it is also not small), the quality of the product is beyond doubt.

Dekton. It is the brand of porcelain countertops from Cosentino, the same manufacturer of Silestone. With this reference we can already have an idea of ​​the care and attention given to the product.

Techlam. This brand is owned by Levantina, an international company located in Spain and known mainly for its natural stone countertops: marble and granite.

Synthetic compact countertops

This type of material is relatively unknown in Spain. It is mainly a thermosetting resin to which the pigments are applied and molded into the desired shape. It has enormous physical and chemical resistance. And like porcelain, its use is not limited to the countertop.

Krion. It is the brand of the well-known company Porcelanosa.

Corian. It is the industry reference. It is more or less like Silestone. Brand is the one that defines the material and the sector.

Granite Countertops

One might think that because it is a 100% natural product, the brand that signs the granite countertop does not matter. But it’s not like that. The selection of the stone, the execution of the cuts and the treatments applied are important.

A granite countertop from an exclusive quarry with good performance and where a series of quality treatments has been applied can be priced much higher than any of the options mentioned above.

Levantina. This company has a prominent presence in the world of natural stone, and consequently in the manufacture of countertops. They have been offering quality products for decades.

Granith. This is the brand of granite countertops from the same company that makes Neotlih. The company is TheSize. This company is quite young, however, it already stands out in a market as competitive as this one.

Laminated or post-formed countertops

Of all the types of benches we talked about, these are the weakest. They are also the cheapest. Due to the amount of problems that the quality of the product can offer is fundamental. If the water leaks, it causes them to swell and spoil, resistance to impacts and friction is limited, heat deteriorates them, etc. If we add bad manufacturing and bad product to this, the life of our bench will be very short.

Fintop. This is the brand under which Finsa, a Galician company with a strong presence in the field of wood and wood products, markets its laminated countertops. They offer a quality product, with a good range of interesting designs and features.

Duropal. It is the reference in this area. German made.

Ikea. They are one of the biggest sellers of this type of countertop. They marketed them all their lives. And although they do not offer a superior product, they are a reference in this area.