Totally black solar panel achieves 19.4% efficiency

More aesthetic, more economical and, above all, more efficient. This is how Solaria, an American company specializing in solar technology, describes its new proposal, PowerXT. is new solar panel designed entirely in black achieves 19.4% efficiency. “It is one of the most powerful in the residential solar energy market”, say the manufacturers, who contrast this result with that of conventional solar modules, whose efficiency remains between 15 and 17%.

But how is this breakthrough achieved? Basically with an innovative process for cutting and assembling solar cells whereby underused space is eliminated between them. “This translates into more power and more aesthetics”, says the company. To do this by PowerXT It was decided to do without the busbars that are usually used for the interconnection of solar cells which, in these modules, are cut and stacked without the need for soldering to create “A very powerful and reliable unit”.

With a 25-year warranty and a maximum power of 350 watts, the modules are specially designed to avoid energy loss and thus achieve a higher production per square meter. In this way, assure the manufacturers, this solution based on monocrystalline silicon cells makes it possible to adjust as much as possible both the number of panels in a domestic solar installation, as well as the installation work of the system.

In addition to the previous results, the proposal attracts attention for an appearance in which black is the absolute dominant. To do this, even the leaves and frames of the system opt for this tone, which creates a whole “Very striking in appearance”. And while that doesn’t influence the outcome of these panels, the truth is that it comes at a time when aesthetics are gaining more weight in the industry to be among the deciding buying factors. “Most of our customers want something really stylish for their roofs”, says Peggy Matson, a solar solutions distributor in Sacramento.

However, on another of the aspects that most influence the decision to buy this type of solution, the price, Solaria remains unknown. In this sense, for the moment we must stay with the words of Matson in a official statement propagated by Solaria: “Its price is appropriate, which allows us to offer very competitive offers to customers who often surpass competitive solutions by several thousand dollars”.

Standing out from the other solutions that dot the market is also a question of production capacity. To guarantee it, the creators of these modules have just received 23 million dollars in funding. With that capital injection, Solaria is not only launching a new proposal for those who want to take advantage of solar energy in their homes, but is also positioning itself to multiply its production. ‚ÄúThis puts us on the path to expanding our modules to distributors and owners across the country and even around the world.“, Advance Suvi Sharma, head of this Californian company.


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