Imagine that these glass skyscrapers could be a potential powerhouse. This futuristic vision may soon become a reality and the key lies in the creation of transparent solar cells which, placed between the double-glazed panes, generate solar energy. Also, can you imagine the phone screens made with these panels? We would eliminate the need to recharge for life.

The researchers established a new efficiency record for transparent, neutral-colored solar cells, achieving 8.1% efficiency and 43.3% transparency with an organic design, or carbon based instead of conventional silicon.

Glass in buildings is coated to reflect and absorb some of the light to reduce glare / heat inside and instead of wasting this energy transparent solar panels could harness it.

In this context, the above transparent solar cells have a light utilization efficiency of about 2-3%, which makes 8.1% a big leap forward.

Windows, present on the facade of all buildings, are a great place for organic solar cells because they offer something that silicon cannot, which is a combination of very high efficiency and very high visible transparency.

Stephen forrest

To push the boundaries even further, UbiQD, an advanced materials company from New Mexico, continues to develop transparent solar panels that are indistinguishable from normal glasses by using quantum dots – microscopic particles that have the ability to manipulate light to harness energy.

These quantum dots are super “nano” particles of material and it would take around 100,000 to cover your nail. These materials are particularly advantageous because they exhibit remarkably high photoluminescence (PL, light emission) and adjustable in size in a wide range of colors. This technology can be a game-changer by reducing massive loads on large power grids and can even be an integral part of planning for future cities that will run on solar energy.



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