Enjoying a terrace, garden or porch at sunset is one of the great little luxuries that the arrival of good weather brings. Garden and outdoor lighting is just as important as furniture and plants to create a magical and unique environment.

The latest outdoor trends speak of warm, dim lights, some almost imperceptible. Aluminum and Wood They appear as main materials, in addition to enameled or natural clay, colored glass or galvanized iron. All this without leaving aside new materials such as plastic and other more classic ones, such as the old and dear paper lanterns.

Distant airs and cobalt tone

This year the lamps with oriental reminiscences triumph. Morocco will be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for outdoor lamp designers. We will see hanging lanterns, ceiling lamps or even colored glass appliques. The mysterious and distant shade of cobalt triumphs, providing a magical light.

Metal nights

Aluminum and other metallic finishes are the main materials for this year’s fixtures. Finishes in black and white, but mainly silver, for a more modern night. Perfect geometric shapes, squares and rectangles without triumph of artifice. Glass, matte or satin: never shiny.

Wood for the most classic tastes

For more conventional environments, such as patios, terraces, balconies or gardens of classic inspiration, the ideal are the wooden or iron posts with glass globe, on the wall. The one in the picture, of simple design, in treated Nordic pine wood. They are especially recommended for trusses, such as ambient light. There is this standing model, also of medium height.

Candles for a magical night

A different light that nothing can dim. Candles provide a unique setting for a romantic dinner, an evening with friends or just to enjoy the night listening to music. The last hour is the Roman inspired bowls, with elegant clay vessels, with red or lemon wax, which can be placed on wrought iron supports.

The last hour: light where it didn’t exist

This year, light will reach everywhere; for places where you have never been before: for the interior of umbrellas, for the interior and surface of our pools, for the garden or terrace floor … It is the triumph of the implausible in garden lighting. New materials made the miracle possible: new plastics give life to submersible lamps and built-in sconces that can be stepped on.