The Japanese auto giant Toyota, is taking important steps in the field of renewable and clean energy. The company plans to build a power plant in California that will transform the methane produced from cow manure into water, electricity and hydrogen. Toyota wants to extend its hydroelectric model to the United States.

The project, known as Tri-Gen, was unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The plant, which will be located in the port area of ​​Long Beach (California). Toyota expects the plant to be completed and operational in 2020.

The energy of biomass to change a country culturally.

It should have the capacity to provide enough energy to power 2,350 mid-sized households and enough fuel for 1,500 hydrogen vehicles per day.

The company plans to make the plant capable of producing 2.35 MW of electricity and 1.2 tonnes of hydrogen per day.

The facility will also be equipped with one of the largest hydrogen refueling stations in the world. Toyota Group Vice President of Strategic Planning for North America, Doug Murtha, said, “extracting energy from biomass gives us a glimpse of the incredible potential that lies ahead as we reduce emissions and improve the lives of those around us“.

Investment, sweat and a lot of work… ..

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Toyota is investing heavily and decisively in its hydrogen fuel cell technology. They are used on the Mirai and soon on the Project Portal truck. “Eco-friendly drivers need new and cleaner modes of transportation. Toyota Mirai is helping meet this demand alongside other alternative fuel vehicles to power a brighter future“Says the company’s website.

The goal of the automaker is to significantly reduce the environmental impact of the company and its products. Recently, Toyota set a goal of ending traditional internal combustion engine production by 2040 and reducing carbon emissions from its vehicles by 90% by 2050.

Toyota’s efforts could accelerate the transition to cleaner vehicles. Tesla is having great success with its electric vehicles. We are all aware of the tremendous progress that is being made in making clean energy more desirable than fossil fuels, and we have before us a promising recipe for success for both consumers and the environment … and of course also for companies. companies that have decided to bet on this innovation.