Chinese solar panel producer Trina Solar Co. has unveiled its latest Duomax V double-layer glass bifacial solar panels and their Tallmax V solar panels.

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Self-contained solar powered water purification solutions using a new adaptive nozzle valve system.

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DualSun is a revolutionary 2-in-1 solar panel that simultaneously generates electricity and hot water for homes and buildings.

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profitability photovoltaic installation vs hydraulic turbine

In these times, with self-consumption launched and an energy transition in the making, the profitability of solar panels has exploded over the years, until investing in photovoltaics becomes one of the most profitable options that can be found today, but what about water utilities and large consumers of water? water that have the possibility of installing other energy sources, such as hydraulic?

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A group of car manufacturers and technology and infrastructure providers have signed an agreement that certifies their joint commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90% in the European transport and logistics industry over the years. Next 30 years, thanks to the widespread deployment of hydrogen fuel cell trucks.

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