Chinese solar panel producer Trina Solar Co. unveiled its latest Duomax V double-layer glass bifacial solar panels and their Tallmax V solar panels.

These new solar panels have a new design, 210mm silicon panel and PERC monocrystalline cells, which allows them to have a output power of more than 500 Wp and an 21% modular efficiency, consolidating the leadership of the company and the new photovoltaic generation 5.0.

Taking into account the preliminary calculations of large-scale power plants installed in Heilongjiang province of China, comparing them with conventional 410W bifacial and double-layer glass panels, the 500W Duomax V can reduce the balance cost of the system (BOS) between 6% and 8% and the cost of energy (LCOE) between 3% and 4%.

Trina Solar already has purchase orders for these panels for the second quarter of 2020, which will increase generation capacity above 5 GW by the end of the year.

Relying on its superior multi-bus technology, Trina Solar’s research and development team designed a new design using advanced non-destructive cutting technologies and high density three-piece packaging, thereby allowing greater strength and greatly improving the anti-cracking and heating performance of solar panels, thereby maximizing the space utilization of solar panels.

High power and efficiency solar panels

With the use of large 210mm silicon solar panels, if the traditional panel design is applied, the characteristics of the output current could cause conflicts in the connection system to the junction box or break the solar panel.

In addition, with this new design, the solar panels ensure that the output current, open circuit voltage and mechanical load of the solar panels meet the technical specifications for the safety of power generation and have the ability to connect perfectly. to the old design of the photovoltaic system.

During the launch of these solar panels, Trina Solar announced strategic cooperation agreements with Powerchina Jiangxi Electric Power Construction, Chinese subsidiary Energy Engineering Investment in Heilongjiang, Shouguang Power Investment Haobang New Energy, SEPCOIII Electric Power Construction and other companies in power generation, thus paving the way for the final development of these solar panels.

Trina Solar Vice President Yin Rongfang hopes to lead the standardization of solar panels by applying the advantages of its design and manufacturing methods, which not only benefit many segments of the industrial chain, but also improve the characteristics of common design of solar panels. a system perspective.

Trina Solar’s experience in the market, whether in monitoring systems or installing renewable power plants, has allowed it to explore and resolve potential challenges when applying these new systems in the early stages of research and development, and to make the most of the product’s potential.

Trina Solar believes that these new solar panels will revolutionize the photovoltaic market.