Trina Solar leads the new era of performance with Vertex 500W + solar panels

Trina Solar, one of the leading manufacturers of photovoltaic modules and smart energy solutions, has just delivered the first batch of modules in its Vertex series, whose conversion efficiency of up to 21% has an energy efficiency of over 500W. The shipment takes place only 11 days after the announcement of the production of the module.

The modules are intended for Sri Lanka and will be installed in a project with a capacity of 10 MW. The planned completion of the grid connection will take place in the fourth quarter of this year.

The Vertex series includes double glass backsheet and bifacial modules, which provide high power output, high safety, high efficiency and high power output.

According to Trina Solar’s Photovoltaic Science and Technology Lab, tests conducted at a large land-based power plant based in China’s Heilongjiang Province have shown that while the Vertex series is compared to conventional 410W double-layer glass modules, the modules Double Layer Vertex can reduce the average cost of solar power by 3-4%.

Our customers all over the world have shown great interest in Vertex series modules of over 500W, which are suitable not only for large solar power plants, but also for commercial and industrial scale solar projects that want to improve their level of power. ‘efficiency. The new era of power above 500W has arrived and the high efficiency Vertex series modules are playing a key role in the industry.

Yin Rongfang, Vice President and CEO of Trina Solar.

The modules incorporate an innovative design that incorporates advanced 3-piece non-destructive cutting and high-density packaging technologies, eliminating the potential risks associated with high-power modules, such as power surges, current and temperature surges, as well as microcracks.

To face the new challenges offered by Trina Solar, the company has developed several solutions unheard of in the industry: non-destructive cutting technology and uniform high-speed welding for multi-bar solar modules made up of 210 cells. new methodology for the automated arrangement of solar panels, as well as industrial scale laminated welding equipment.

The success of the pilot line for mass production of V-Series modules over 500W has laid a solid foundation for expansion capacity to 5.5GW this year, bringing the global photovoltaic industry into the solar era 5.0., And an advantageous market for all very high power modules.

The double-layer glass V modules have successfully passed the IEC TUV Rheinland PV module test, and the certificates of the performance standards of IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 PV modules have been awarded.