The trivets are items made of various materials. They can be made of wood, cork, metal, esparto, etc. The shapes are varied although they are generally flat. Its function is to protect the tablecloth from stains. It is placed on the tablecloth and the containers are placed on it. If they are very hot will not damage the fabric. The table or tablecloth is protected from burns and stains.


It is one of the kitchen accessories that we do not usually think of when furnishing. When we move, we don’t realize how useful trivets are and how painful not to find one on hand. They are very practical to put the container on it after removing it from the oven or heat. Sometimes the containers burn, and even though we wear oven mitts, we need to release them quickly. This is the reason why a trivet works well to prevent damage to the table.

How to make trivets

To make a trivet, you should know that these can be made almost with any type of material. You can find placemats in all styles and shapes. But it is important that the material we use is a heat resistant element. This is the most important function of the trivet. The most common trivets are:

How to make-round-cork-design-placemats

  • Carpet corkThese trivets are the most common of all. They are the cheapest and can be found in different colors. They stick to different webs and surfaces.
  • Carpet stainless steel: these have the property of being very resistant to heat, which is good for not dirtying or burning the surface of the table, which sometimes happens with cork. Keep in mind that stainless steel trivets should have plastic feet so as not to scratch the table surface.
  • Carpet magnetic: These are modern models because, equipped with magnets, they attach very well to any metal surface.

There are many kinds of trivet to choose from, they can give us some interesting ideas.

How to make felt trivets

The felt trivet will help our table does not spoil, as well as the tablecloth. We are going to learn how to make felt trivets. is crafts are very entertaining and useful. Building home-style trivets is easy, as well as a good way to take care of your table and tablecloth. The materials we will need to build the felt trivets are as follows:

  • Neutral soap
  • Felt
  • Knife
  • The water
  • Brush
  • Container
  • Needle
  • The scissors
  • Wire

To do felt trivet we will start by cutting small pieces of soap using the knife. The pieces of soap that we obtained must be placed in a container. We will use our fingers to separate some portions of the felt, we will use it to create balls with our hands. In case we need more felt to get the size we want, we will take a little more to add it to the ball. We will do the ball well to make it as perfect as possible. We will put water in a container with soap, we will try to dilute it as well as possible. Then we will use a brush to moisten the felt with this mixture of soap and water. After wetting the ball, we reshape it into a ball and let it dry. We will place the ball in a container and add water to it. We will do this as many times as necessary depending on the felt balls we need for our trivet. It can be about nine balls or more, depending on the size. We are going to cut a certain amount of thread with the scissors. We thread the thread with a needle and pass it through the felt balls. We tie a knot with the thread so that it does not come undone and we pass it through the balls.

How to make felt placemats

When we did, we tie the ends of the wire and cut off what is left. This is the way to make felt trivets, we hope you found this method useful.

Cork trivet

This is another idea for build a trivet. In this case, we will use recycled cork from the corks which are normally thrown away. With these caps you can do a lot of things, one of them is the recycling of the cork trivet. These are easy-to-make placemats that will also serve as a decorative and functional element.

We must use the following materials:

  • 31 caps
  • Decorative ribbon, which can be blue
  • A hot glue gun or cold glue for the crafts we are going to do
  • Fine grain sandpaper
  • Cutter or knife
  • The scissors
  • A flat surface that we can work on easily

When we have gathered enough corks, we will need to cut the corks in half. For this we will use the knife or the cutter. They must all be the same size, this way we will get a perfect finish. When we have cut the corks in half, we will use sandpaper for the edges of the corks. We will sand them as needed so that they are soft to the touch. This way we will make sure that the caps that have not been perfect have the same height. We choose a design and we will put the caps upright. The design that we chose is a hexagon. We make a hexagon of plugs, we put the 31 plugs and we place them so that they form this figure. Then, using the hot glue gun, we will make a line with the caps that are in the center and we will glue them between them. When we are done, we will only have to put a layer of glue on the sides of the main row and we will join them to the rest of the caps.

how to make cork placemats

When the hexagon is securely attached and has dried completely, We will decorate the trivet with the blue ribbon. We will use the silicone gun and stick the tape one by one. You will have to be patient for the operation to go perfectly. We will put youa line of silicone on the first stopper, then we will add one more row, all before we stick more tape. The silicone should cool a little, then the tape is fixed by applying pressure on it. We will give the tape time to stick and we can pull out a little, so that it is tight.

Now we need to glue the tape on the caps. To do this, we will introduce the tape into the outer holes: in this way we get an effect in which it looks like the outer caps are lined with fabric.

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