Donald Trump, the same who recently announced the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Agreement on climate change, proposed to cover the wall with Mexico with solar panels, so that the barrier with which the country intends to stop the arrival of Mexican and Central American migrants self-finance with the energy you generate.

As reported by mainstream American media, the President of the United States allegedly launched the idea during a meeting with Republican representatives in Congress, many of whom applauded the initiative to ravage the barrier that Trump intends to create between the states with solar panels. States and Mexico, which share more than 3,100 kilometers of border Earth.

The initial intention would be to build a structure about 15 meters high, on which would be placed the panels which, in the opinion of the President of the United States, would not only beautify the barrier, but also provide energy for lighting, sensors and stations for patrols, as well as inserting it into the network and selling it to, with the profits obtained, cover the cost of the controversial wall.

The initiative announced by Trump is very similar to the one that received the US Department of Security who, months ago, opened the deadline for receiving proposals for the construction of the wall, a process that is ongoing and in which the idea of ​​a self-funded barrier has already been born through the installation of systems energy harvesting from the sun, a resource that is not lacking in this region of the southern United States.

Reactions to the proposal were quick to emerge and came from the opposition and, also, from industry companies and social and environmental groups. the technical and budgetary difficulties of the construction of such a wall (this would require, for example, additional actions such as the installation of power lines) are among the arguments put forward against the suggestion.

On the other hand, there are also those who see the announcement as an attempt by the US president to distract from the heart of the matter: the rationale for raising this wall of separation with his neighbors to the south. Voices have also emerged applauding the proposal, not for itself, but because of it. it follows that Donald Trump appreciates the potential benefits of clean energy. Why not then extend them to government buildings or new construction, is the question few ask after the announcement.