US-based wind energy company SheerWind, unveiled the INVELOX, a tunnel wind turbine that can produce up to 600% more energy than traditional wind turbines. The company notes that after extensive field testing, its new INVELOX turbine significantly outperforms the traditional turbine and could also reduce installation costs to less than $ 750 per kW.

The INVELOX system works by picking up wind at ground level, channeling it through a narrowing that naturally accelerates it. Unlike other turbines, it also minimizes environmental and animal impact, and does not require government subsidies to be profitable. All of this makes INVELOX a potentially attractive renewable energy solution.

If you are interested in the topic of wind turbines, we show you here how to make a homemade wind turbine.

SheerWind claims that the INVELOX turbine can operate at wind speeds of just 1 mile per hour. In terms of efficiency, a record maximum power generation capacity of 72% has been generated. In a statement, Dr Daryoush Allaei, CEO of SheerWind said: “This exciting performance superiority over the traditional system and competitiveness with natural gas and hydroelectric production is generating a lot of interest from the fortunes of the Fortune 500 list and large corporations; government entities; industry experts; and others” .

“Our ability to operate efficiently and effectively in areas not considered viable for traditional systems and the low costs make SheerWind a true game changer in power generation.

Renewable energies as a whole, and in this case wind power in particular, have experienced very positive developments in recent years. Research is invested and results are obtained, like silent turbines for cities.

Watch the video below to see how the INVELOX turbine works.


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